Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules – 25mg


Tri-Star Medical – Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules – 25mg (30 count).  “Lab-tested from seed to shelf.”  Exclusively derived from premium locally grown hemp flower.

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Our Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules 25mg (30 count) offer a quick and reliable dose of Full-Spectrum CBD.  We fill our vegetable capsules with our Full-Spectrum tincture, which begins with a base of organic MCT oil.  We then infuse 750 mg of our full-spectrum CBD extract along with our very own proprietary terpene blend.   Our proprietary terpene blend imparts a unique and delicious flavor without using unnecessary artificial or “natural” flavorings.  That’s it, we use vegetable capsules, a premium base oil and the premium oils from our hemp!

We derive Tri-Star Medical full-spectrum CBD extracts exclusively from locally grown hemp flower.  No imported products.  No stems or trimmings.  Our hemp flower goes from the farm to the lab, where we use a pharmaceutical grade process to extract the full spectrum of cannabinoids.  It starts with the pure oils from our hemp flower and then our chemists build precise profiles for each of our individual products.  Their goal is to maximize the density of natural cannabinoids, while providing a safe and consistent dosage.  Once we have the final formulas, we infuse our products and they go back again to the lab.  Finally, we test and bottle our products with ultimate confidence that we know and trust what’s in them.

While our products are laboratory precise, each batch and product is special and contains the essence of that particular strain and season.  It also contains the essence of our company, Tri-Star Medical.  We are a passionate group of people dedicated to providing the best and safest products we possibly can.

We hope you benefit from our Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules 25mg and enjoy the experience!  Thank you for your interest and if you choose, your business.

“Lab-tested from seed to shelf.”


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